November 15

Welcome to Soulfully Speaking

Soulfully Speaking is the enter sanctum of my Happy and Healthy Living Blog. Deeper, private thoughts that slip from my journal into short stories may land here.

The original goal of my Happy & Healthy Living Blog was to hopefully help others by sharing my knowledge and experience from a career in nursing. And also through my personal experiences now that I’m retired/disabled and suffering from depression and anxiety.

When I started the blog I didn’t realize how therapeutic it would become for me personally. Even putting some of my thoughts out on the internet has been a freeing experience.

Although I don’t know if all my readers on the “happy” blog are ready for some of my inner soulful thoughts, so I’m making an attempt to separate the two a little bit.

When your mess becomes your message

…I honestly believe we can all learn something from someone.

I’m also a Christian, I believe in God and I believe in the power of prayer.

But I’m a bit of an old hippie and free-spirit too. I believe in positivity and good vibes. That’s what I want to share with others.

Spread the love! Help one another! and Show some kindness!

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