January 2

A New Year

It’s a new year! A new day and a new year! A fresh start with a clean slate. I’m in hopes of improving health and happiness in 2020. So what really makes me happy?

Seeking Happiness in A New Year

For me to seek more happiness in this new year I first must define what things bring me the most happiness in life.

Actually it’s easy for me to list the things that bring me the most happiness. I’m basically easy to please.

More time with family this year

Spending more time with my family always brings more happiness. I can never get enough time with any of my family members.

Life is so busy and hectic with everyday activities such as our jobs, housework, kids and normal day to day living. It seems we barely have time to sleep, much less have time to visit each other.

However, as I start this new year, I am promising myself to make extra time for those I love the most!

I started this new year off yesterday by eating lunch with my youngest daughter and her family. Then I brought her two sons home with me to spend the night!

A wonderful sleepover with my grandsons was an awesome way to start a new year off full of happiness!

We did all the fun things kids love to do at Granny’s house. Eat lots of junk food and watch movies. We made Rice Krispy Treats and played some games. We also cuddled a lot!

The day and night with my grandsons did my heart and soul good! The only thing missing was my granddaughter! She and I will plan our next grand adventure real soon!!!

It seems difficult for me to have all three grandkids at one time, however that would really amazing for me. That sounds like a good goal for this new year.

with love,