December 15

A stressful week

A stressful week! That is an understatement for this past week.

I have missed several days of posting in my journal. I simply haven’t known what I wanted to say or talk about.

My last post was about diabetes and my sister-in-love being in the hospital.

That is why it has been a stressful week! She wasn’t just in the hospital, she was ICU. She had extremely high blood sugars and was totally unresponsive.

Seeing my big brother so scared, worried and upset was almost more than I could handle.

He is my rock. He is always smiling, perky, yet calm. He handles whatever is thrown his way.

But not this week. He was terrified, and so was the rest of the family.

She showed classic signs of a stroke. Yet all tests proved that it was not a stroke.

She opened her eyes, seemed alert, but could not talk or use her hands. Things just weren’t right!

Slowly she started seeming more alert. By Thursday she was saying “yeah” or “no” to questions.

Then Friday when my daughter went to see her, she was sitting up in a chair talking in sentences! Saturday she was eating and using her hands.

Answered prayers! A true miracle as far as I’m concerned! Her blood sugars were over 1200 when she entered the hospital. With blood sugars that high, she honestly should have been completely comatose or even dead.

Now, only a week later we have her back almost to her old self and the doctors are talking about her coming home on Monday. We are so truly blessed.

Diabetes is a silent killer. Diabetes is no joke! Diabetes is a lifestyle. Once diagnosed with this dreadful disease you MUST comply! You must check your numbers and adjust your diet and daily life. It’s frustrating but you have to do it or you will die!

with love,


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