December 19

Almost Christmas

It’s Almost Christmas!! Less than a week until Christmas Day! Are you ready?

At the moment I’m not ready! I’ve been sick all week. Fever, aches, and chills. Nausea and unable to eat. I must get over this before Christmas!

I plan on eating and enjoying my family on Christmas Day!

My sister-in-law is doing better. She has really improved! Thank God for our Christmas miracle this year!

Seems like someone is always sick and in the hospital during December every year!

Our family is relieved to see her improving, especially my brother! He was terrified this time. He feels she is all he has left.

Of course, he has me, my children and grandchildren, but other than us, they only have each other. We don’t have a large family left anymore.

It’s sad actually and makes the holidays difficult, even sad more than happy sometimes.

But we are all happy and excited this year. Robs was very sick last week and we were scared and very concerned.

Now we’re all glad to have her onery sarcastic self back to sassing us and telling us what she wants. She wants to get out of that hospital and go home to her own bed and shower!!! 🙂 haha

She also wants real food, not hospital food and wants physical therapy people to leave her the hell alone!!

Not unrealistic Christmas wishes in my opinion! I hope her wishes are granted this week!! Hopefully by today or tomorrow! Nothing would make me happier!

Christmas shopping is done for me! I have the gifts bought. Now I need to stop procrastinating and get them wrapped!

Not sure why, but every year I usually get the shopping done by early December, but it’s the wrapping that I put off until the last minute!

My daughters and I are putting together the grocery list for our family meal together.

I cannot wait to have us all together in one place. That is truly my greatest gift always!!! No matter the occasion, I simply love having all of my children and grandchildren together at once.

It’s unreal how hard it is to get everyone in one place at one time. Life is just too busy these days.

Christmas is almost here. Even though it’s a busy time and will be a busy week, in the end, I’ll have my family together.

Slow down, enjoy life, and most of all enjoy your family.

with love,

Shernie aka Momma

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