December 11

Diabetes is a Silent Killer

Diabetes is a silent killer. It can kill slowly, one part of you at a time until it takes your life. Diabetes affects each major organ over time.

During my lifetime I have watched as diabetes has taken apart my family.

When I was only nine years old I watched my favorite aunt die from complications of diabetes. Only two years before that her baby was stillborn due to her diabetes.

Both of my maternal grandparents were diabetic, as well as a cousin that was diagnosed at the age of 3.

My cousin grew up as a diabetic but he had a leg amputated and went blind before he died at age 27. All due to diabetes.

My mom was diagnosed as an adult shortly before colon cancer took her life. My brother and I were both diagnosed as adults. I’ve been diabetic for 13 years now. I’m also in first stage kidney failure due to diabetes.

Both of my twins are now diabetic. My daughter was diagnosed at age 13 and her twin brother was diagnosed last year at age 32. My daughter now suffers from chronic pancreatitis due to diabetes.

Not only does diabetes silently kill by taking one organ at a time, but diabetes is taking my family, one member, at a time!

Last night I was informed that my brother’s wife (also a diabetic) is in ICU with blood sugar levels over 1200 (normal ranges are (70-110) and she is in renal failure. She’s also unresponsive.

They lost their only child to leukemia 12 years ago. My brother was diagnosed with eye cancer just a month ago. How much can my sweet brother handle? They have lost so much in life, yet deserve so much better.

Diabetes the silent killer has taken way too much from my family! I’m pissed off at diabetes! In fact, I’m furious with life at the moment.

It just isn’t fair!

with love,


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