December 9

Privileges, Consequences, and Prejudices

Privileges, Consequences, and Prejudices seem to have become the only concerns of our society.

The younger generation of today is filled with young adults that have never been forced to face the consequences of their own actions.

Millennials as they are called, are an entire generation of privilege without consequences. They expect everything to be handed to them. They do not understand the principle of earning what they get.

One must earn everything they get! This does not mean just their paycheck!

Of course, you are entitled to your paycheck when you work for it. But also one must earn the respect of others. You must earn the right to vote by being a legal citizen of the USA. You must earn the right to free government assistance by being a legal citizen of the USA!

There are legal ways to come into our country and become a legal citizen. So if people want to come to our country then do it legally! Abide by our laws and earn their right to our government programs!!!

I am not prejudiced against foreigners coming to our country. I am, however, prejudiced against those that come and stay illegally just so they can get free assistance and live off our government!

Millennials, Liberals, and even Democrats have this unreal concept that elderly and disabled Americans are living off the government. That is simply not true.

Elderly and disabled Americans are drawing back money that they paid into Social Security for years!!! Yet, they only get back a portion of what they actually paid in.

Why do they only get back a portion of their money? Because the rest of it goes to support illegal immigrants who have never paid one penny into our government.

I don’t like talking about politics but I need to vent! First, just let me say that it does not matter if I support President Donald Trump or not. It doesn’t matter if I am a Democrat or a Republican.

What does matter is that these impeachment hearings have become nothing but a sham. These hearings are nothing short of a circus!

If President Trump committed an impeachable offense during his campaign then he should have never been sworn in to begin with!

However, all the investigations done were unable to provide proof of such offenses being committed. So he was sworn in as President.

Oh, but Democrats did not stop there! They were and continue to be sore losers. They cannot accept the fact that their candidate did not win the Presidential election in 2016.

The Presidential Office and President Trump himself has constantly been disrespected from day one of his presidency by the Democrats, Liberals, and the media.

Despite all this constant disrespect and hounding, not to mention continual investigation and witch hunts on President Trump, he has continued to do his job.

In my personal opinion, President Trump loves our great country. He has done more for our economy than any other president in many years.

I feel he is one of the greatest presidents of our country at least since President Ronald Reagan, if not longer.

And now I will end my rant and get off my personal soapbox.


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