November 15

Who I Am

Trying to describe myself is always difficult. I’m a human form of an oxymoron. A walking, talking contradiction. Constantly unpredictable, even to me.

Let’s get the basics out of the way, shall we? I’m physically 58 years old and mentally still 28… my mind hasn’t always caught up to where my body is at chronologically if you know what I mean!

I am a sister, mother, grandmother, and friend. I’m divorced twice and remained single for the past 20 years. Happily so the majority of the time. I live alone with my two pugs, Buster (the old man of 17 years) and Daisy ( the fiesty Lil lady just over a year old).

Buster & Daisy

As for my characteristics

This is a bit harder for me to describe for you. Many of my friends often describe me differently than I see myself.

They say things like I’m self-confident, smart, proud, compassionate, bold, daring, not afraid of anything, and one dear friend even described me as audacious.

I will agree with sometimes being a bit audacious lol I’m even bold and daring at times. Mostly letting my mouth overload my ass, but I’m learning to remember I’m Not as good as I once was! Another song reference! Did you catch that? Also reminding myself again that I’m 58, not 28 now!

How I’d Describe Myself

So here is my list of crazy characteristics for how I would describe myself if you can understand it or make sense of it!

  • A quiet homebody with a Gypsy Soul
  • prideful but modest and humble
  • A rebel at heart- I push the limits without breaking the law
  • Free-spirited- an old hippie- live and let live!
  • plain country gal
  • love animals
  • Music runs through my veins, heart, and soul!!
  • I love completely and compassionately
  • An advocate for things I love and care about
  • A caretaker- strong desire to help others
  • Deep seeded roots to family and home, yet always feel unsettled deep in my soul
just me